This site is for Christians, those interested in Christianity, and anyone who believes salvation can only be found through Jesus Christ.  MARANATHA – The Lord Is Coming!


Are You Ready?

MARANATHA – The Lord Is Coming!


If Jesus came tomorrow, are you ready?


MARANATHA is a Greek expression from two Aramaic words that appears in the Bible at 1 Corinthians 16:22.

Based on interpretation, it can mean: The Lord is Coming!; Come, Lord!; Our Lord, Come!; Our Lord has come!; O Lord, come!; or Our Lord Comes!.


Regardless of how you interpret MARANATHA, the meaning is the same.

  • Jesus Christ is the perfect Son of God.
  • Jesus Christ came to Earth and lived a sinless life.
  • Jesus was crucified and died on the cross.
  • Jesus was buried in a tomb and three days later rose from the dead.
  • Jesus ascended into Heaven.
  • One day, Jesus will return to call the dead in Christ to be with Him, and save the living who believe.


Our Lord HAS come and WILL come again!

He could come at any time.  Make sure you are ready.


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